Nageezi Chapter

Nageezi Chapter

Our Story

Nageezi was founded in 1953; and officially established as a Chapter in Dec. 2, 1955. The local US Post Office was first named Nageezi Post Office.

Nageezi was named after an elderly woman named “Asdzaan Naayizi”, who found a garden of dark green wild squash in the early 1900’s. The Navajo word “Naayizi” means squash.

Nageezi Chapter is located at 11553 U.S. 550; 35 miles south of Bloomfield, NM, and 25 miles NE of Chaco Cultural National Park in the Checkerboard area of the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, NW corner of NM.

Nageezi Chapter provides services to the local registered members with various needs: powerline, waterline, a bathroom addition, minor home renovation & scholarship for students, and emergency assistance during inclement weather.

Chapter meetings are held on a monthly basis; to keep community members informed of the Navajo Nation, State, County government and the daily chapter operations news. At the monthly chapter meeting, the members voice their opinions and approve local chapter projects and financial matters.

Nageezi Chapter

Chapter Administration

Vacant | CSC
Aubry Holt | AMS

Chapter Officials

Ervin Chavez | President
Rory Jaques | Vice President
Jessica Platero | Secretary / Treasurer
Johnny Russell | Land Board
Danny Simpson | Council Delegate